About Us

JOVA INC is a full service digital design, modeling and  fine jewelry production company that offers retailers and manufacturers customized expertise to fit any needs.

OUR GOAL is to address any design challenge with an engineered result. Our team of dedicated digital/traditional designers combined with a strong CAD/CAM team delivers results. Armed with 3 newly updated high resolution printers on premises that are run 24/7, JOVA INC has the capability to meet all deadlines.

Located in the center of the NYC Diamond District, JOVA INC has access to suppliers to meet any needs. Externally, we provide ladidary work, casting, molds, engraving and laser, and purchasing gemstones and diamonds. On premises and in addition to CAD/CAM and design, we provide hand setting, finishing, polishing and assembling and quality control.

PRESIDENT and founder of JOVA INC, Joseph Varjabedian, has spent the past 30 years at the bench as an engineer,  diamond setter and managing production. He has focused on perfecting his expertise in CAD/CAM, and has become a specialist in digital design. Designers, diamond suppliers, as well as manufacturers large and small, utilize his skill set and experience.

CUSTOMERS are welcome to visit us by appointment only.